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1989 - Videoway

Videoway was the first interactive, addressable television entertainment system in North America. Implemented by Videotron in 1989, this system was connected to the subscriber’s television and used as a decoder for scrambled channels, as a gaming and movies on demand rental service, as well as a source of interactive information like the weather, the lottery and the stock exchange.

The Videoway system included forty or so games, spanning from games of skill to board games. The most well-known and popular ones were Mordicus, Temporel Inc., Styx, Mr. Chin, Le fou du roi, Hamburger, Q-Bert and Crocomaths. Some of theses games were exclusive to this system while others were ported from other systems but with subtle differences.

The Videoway system was also briefly available in the U.K. After a four-month beta trial in London, the system was made available in London in October 1991 and in Hampshire in November 1993.